50 nuances d'été - week 3

Well folks, this little project is just buzzing along, as is our summer. With the end of classes last week, 2 months of school vacation got underway - woo hoo! Once both kids were officially done, we hightailed it out of town, as is our tradition, and headed straight to our summer condo in Bromont. At this point, the 9 weeks of summer break stretch out before us like an empty canvas, but I know it's only a matter of time before we feel the next school year looming on the horizon. Between now and then, the best we can do is enjoy the next couple of months and try to savour every moment as much as possible. Cheers to summer! 

50 nuances d'été is a group project that brings together a number of talented photographers from the beautiful province of Quebec. Please take a look at the wonderful work of Andréanne Pelletier to follow the loop! 

p.s. If you missed my blogpost from last week, you can find it here