50 nuances d'été - week 7

For the past few years, our summers have been a little crazy in that everyone is everywhere, and rare are the moments where we are all in the same place at the same time. This summer has been no exception, and this week saw Miss C. hop on an airplane all by herself, only 2 days after coming back from summer camp, for a little impromptu trip to see her maternal grandparents. After seeing Clara off at the airport, Tristan, Ruby and I headed to Bromont where we spent the week. My husband was here the last couple of days with us, and now he's back in Montreal to pick up our young independent traveler. The two of them will get some father-daughter time until Friday, when the boys leave for a weekend race in New Hampshire. It might sound like a crazy arrangement, and it's probably not most families' cup of tea, but it works really well for us during the short time the kids are on summer vacation. The bonus is that when we are all together, whether for an evening or a few days, it's kind of amazing. :)

That said, the one constant family member in my life this week has been Ruby. We haven't been apart all week... so she gets centre stage. 

50 nuances d'été is a group project that brings together a number of talented photographers from the beautiful province of Quebec. Please take a look at the wonderful work of Karine Rocheleau to follow the loop! 

p.s. If you missed my blogpost from last week, you can find it here