The Sunday Project - 1/52

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to start fresh and to take on new projects. I have missed participating in a photography project and tapping into my creativity on a regular basis, so when my friend Kellie from the Clickin Moms forum came up with the idea of a weekly photo project with no theme other than that the image should be taken on a Sunday, I was happy to join in. I like the idea of not having to follow a specific theme, but I did want to give myself an added challenge, so I decided to create a diptych for each of the 52 weeks. 

Week one had me busy finishing up New Year's cards to send to friends and family. Every year, I send Christmas cards, but this year I was late, and the Christmas greetings instead became New Years wishes. I’m taking my time sending these cards out, and in the spirit of giving myself some grace, I’ve pushed back my delivery goal by a couple of weeks. I tell myself there are worse things than receiving a tardy New Years card, and I’m hoping the recipients of these cards feel the same!


There are so many gifted photographers participating in this project, and if the first week's grid is any indication of the level of talent in the group, we are in for a visual feast this year! You can find us on Instagram under The Sunday Project Group. Here's a sampling of some of our work this first week: