Chatbooks + a free book code | Montreal Photographer

Psst... are you on Instagram? If not, how come? All the kids are on Instagram these days. Your kids are on Instagram. You should get yourself an account, if only to see what your kids are up to. Really. But I digress, because this post isn’t about Instagram. It’s about Chatbooks. Have you heard about Chatbooks yet?

Instagram Chatbooks Anda Panciuk

Chatbooks is an app that prints your Instagram feed into fun little 6x6 inch 60-page books. They are like modern-day photo albums, only better. The app pulls new photos from your IG feed, and every time you hit 60 photos, voilà!... a new book gets printed and shipped to you. The best part? Each book only costs $6 (yes, they ship to Canada!).

Instagram Chatbooks and a Free Book Anda Panciuk Montreal Photographer

I keep my growing collection of Chatbooks on the coffee table. The kids love them, visitors to our house love them, I love them – heck, everyone loves them! You'll love them too, but you'll have to get yourself on Instagram to get them.

You can download Chatbooks from the app store. Use the code ANDACB at checkout to get your first book FREE if you’re a first-time subscriber. Signing up is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Ah que la vie est belle! #lovechatbooks