Hey psst... want a card? | Montreal Photographer

I was super excited to get my new business cards last week. They're a far cry from the boring, unadventurous cards I had made for myself on the fly last year. My old cards were so corporate and so utterly non-creative; to be honest, they made me want to fall asleep. My new cards are awesome, and make me feel excited about giving them out to prospective clients.  For one thing, they feature my new circular monogram logo that I designed while I was making my new Anda Panciuk Photography website. More importantly, they showcase my photos - every single card has a different image on the back. This is cool for a couple of reasons: it shows my work to the person I'm giving the card to right away (can you say immediate gratification?), and I can customize according to the potential client (you've got a family? here's a card with a family on it; you're pregnant? here's a card from a maternity session!).

And what's the first thing a photographer does when she gets new business cards? A photo shoot, naturally!

moo business cards

These cards are by moo. If you're in the market for new business cards, I strongly suggest you check them out. Although they are especially interesting for photographers, their products are great for anybody who wants a gorgeous business card. The paper quality is beautiful, they are very reasonably priced, and their customer service kicks butt. Let me know if you're interested in ordering from them - if so, I've got a free shipping code for you!

Have a super week! xxx