Personal Photography Project - Mission Accomplished! | Montreal Family Photographer

For me, the best part of a personal photography project is actually completing it and then seeing the whole shebang presented in one place. I was a little late in getting it set up and ordered, but my Blurb photo book documenting the year-long project I completed last year finally arrived yesterday! The kids were excited about opening the package and leafing through last year's photos; I was feeling kind of proud seeing my own cinquante2clics photo project come to a full and final completion; and lastly, my sentimental maman's heart grew a little emotional knowing that I have put our family's memories to paper, for my kids and hopefully their kids, to enjoy years from now... maybe even when I'm... you know... long gone...

It's a good thing I was able to snap myself out of it long enough to grab a few shots of le grand dévoilement: 

Blurb album
Blurb photo book
Blurb photo book

And because I'm most content when I've got a project going on, I'm super excited about clic4saisons, which is a new 52-week project I started recently. You can check out the beginnings of my photo project here, and if you're interested in joining the clic4saisons community, we'd love to have you! 

Happy weekend everyone, and don't forget, there's a reason why there's a hashtag #printyourphotos!