Shooting from above - like a champ | Montreal Children's Photographer

One of the first things I learned in photography is that a slight change in perspective can go a long way. This is especially true when photographing children. If you’re anything like the average adult, you will snap the majority of your photos straight-on, with the child preferably flashing you a huge grin. Does that sound about right? Although you’ll get nice enough images that way, let’s face it, your photos probably won’t be winning any gold medals for artistic merit. The next time you photograph a child, instead of resorting to the same old techniques, try adding this to your routine: shooting from above... way above. If the child is tiny, you won’t have to do anything more than stand up + angle your camera downwards.

I love the look that this perspective produces in the eyes of toddlers:

For a bigger child, you may have to get up on a stool or other piece of furniture to get the same perspective. Don’t worry about feeling like a fool while teetering on said child's night table or window ledge - that feeling will fade, but the photo, you will have forever. Besides, that look of bemused disbelief in the eyes of your subject (which is usually quite difficult to achieve) will be worth the extra effort.

Shooting from above is just one simple way to add variety and interest to your images. Try it out + see if it’s something you like. Just don’t overdo it by shooting this way all of the time, because then you’ll just be back where you started: predictable and way out of medal contention.

Speaking of medals, can we give this kid a gold for this smile?