Sweet Dreams are Made of This - Montreal Portrait (+ Cake!) Photographer


Who among us hasn’t dreamt of a GREAT CAKE? As kids, we anticipate that moment at a birthday party when the cake finally makes its appearance, and then our eyes widen in awe + delight. As adults, we vow to “save room for dessert” and then reward our sacrifice by savouring in the sweet indulgence that follows. As hosts, we bask in that crowning moment of the meal when we present the grande finale to our guests: the CAKE. Imagine the reaction you’d get if you rolled this beauty into the room at your next dinner party:


IMG_9104-Edit-Edit copy


I had the pleasure of recently working with Albena Petrova, a Montreal cake designer who can take any client’s cake dream and turn it into a thing of beauty that is a feast for the eyes + the palate. Albena is a true artist who has succeeded in marrying her background of pottery making + glass engraving with the art of cake design.




As you may have guessed by now, these cakes are meant for VERY special occasions (and not just any old dinner party). If you have a special event, and would like to impress your guests with something original and beautiful, then perhaps a phone call to Sweet Temptations would be in order. Albena’s artistry and fine touch is evident in each and every cake she designs; in fact, the judges at the 2013 Montreal Cake Show recognized her efforts with a 1st place prize for the category of wedding cakes - la crème de la crème! How does Albena come up with all of these incredible designs? Well, she takes her inspiration from a variety of places, including: art, music, cinema, fashion, + of course the ideas her clients dream up with her. Does this lady have talent? Don’t even get me started...




My personal favorite was this stunning creation, a poppy cake inspired by a dress Albena had seen – imagine - a dress! Every single part of Albena’s cakes is entirely EDIBLE – and as cruel as it may seem, these cakes are meant to be eaten, not only enjoyed for their aesthetic beauty. I told my husband that my dream would be to eat this cake while wearing the dress that inspired its design. He asked me if I would like a 2-week Mediterranean vacation to go along with that dream.

Um.. yes, as a matter of fact, I would. Can I take Albena with me?




Thank you Albena, for a wonderful session. It was a complete pleasure meeting and working with you!




To contact Albena of Sweet Temptations and to see more of her work, go to her Facebook page here . To see her cake creations on Pinterest, click here.

Hair + makeup: Conny Genest