Food Photography - Why Not!

My interests are wide ranging and kind of eclectic, so it's only natural that the genres I love to photograph are varied as well. Food photography is something that has appealed to me on many levels for a long time, and when the opportunity to participate in a workshop right here in Montreal arose, I jumped at the chance. The workshop was given by The Illuminated Table, and it took place in a gorgeous natural light studio in Montreal's Mile End. I was lucky to have my good friend Sue, who came in from Ottawa, as my foodie photo partner for the 2-day workshop. 

Here are a few snapshots from the workshop, along with the final food shots that I helped style and photograph. *Disclaimer: the taco photo is my image, but not my styling! 

Thank you to Ariel Tarr and Valeria Bismar, for putting together this fantastic workshop!