Spring is here! Montreal Headshot Photographer

S P R I N G  is here and it's a great time to update your business portrait! I am currently taking new headshot clients, with sessions taking place either in my home studio or at your office. This is a painless and fun 30-minute photo session, guaranteed to give you photos of yourself that you will love. Please contact me for more information!

Montreal Headshot Photographer

New Business Cards for Headshot Clients! Montreal Headshot Photographer

Call me crazy, but my favorite part of receiving something is quite often the thanking I get to do after. There's nothing better than composing a little handwritten note on beautiful stationary and sending it off all pretty and neat to an unsuspecting recipient. I always imagine the moment of delight my note might bring to someone's day and that in itself is reason enough for me to pop a card in the mail. I've been sending thank you cards since I was a little girl and trust me, I'm not stopping anytime soon. Recently, I came across some thank you notes from my grandmother who had sent them to me when she was in her 90s! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I make it to that ripe old age, and I sure hope I'm still churning out thank you notes between my aquasize classes and hairdresser appointments!

Montreal Headshot Photographer Anda Panciuk
Montreal Headshot Photographer Anda Panciuk

So what was the occasion for this most recent gratitude mail-out? Well, check these out:

These are my swanky new business cards, specifically intended for the corporate headshot market and I love them! Headshot photography is an aspect of my business model which is growing and I wanted a tangible way to reach this important market. Everyone needs a headshot, and if you don't believe that statement, then you need to read this post on the importance of having a great headshot ASAP!

Of course, the first thing I thought of when I got these beautiful cards was I HAVE TO THANK MY CLIENTS WHO ARE ON MY NEW BUSINESS CARDS!

Honestly, it was just what I needed to pull out the stationary and pop a little love into the mail...