50 nuances d'été - week 4

We had a wonderfully relaxed, yet very busy week in Bromont, with lots of family visiting from out of town. I didn't spend much time alone, and didn't often bring my camera on our numerous outings, but we had fun, which is what matters most. I did take plenty of photos however, with whichever camera I had with me, but I didn't work very hard at getting "portfolio worthy" images (and that is perfectly fine by me!). Here are four photos that I liked, taken towards the beginning of the week, when things were a little quieter. I'm definitely looking forward to picking up my camera more next week! 

50 nuances d'été is a group project that brings together a number of talented photographers from the beautiful province of Quebec. Please take a look at the wonderful work of Caroline Desroches to follow the loop! 

p.s. If you missed my blogpost from last week, you can find it here

50 nuances d'été - week 3

Well folks, this little project is just buzzing along, as is our summer. With the end of classes last week, 2 months of school vacation got underway - woo hoo! Once both kids were officially done, we hightailed it out of town, as is our tradition, and headed straight to our summer condo in Bromont. At this point, the 9 weeks of summer break stretch out before us like an empty canvas, but I know it's only a matter of time before we feel the next school year looming on the horizon. Between now and then, the best we can do is enjoy the next couple of months and try to savour every moment as much as possible. Cheers to summer! 

50 nuances d'été is a group project that brings together a number of talented photographers from the beautiful province of Quebec. Please take a look at the wonderful work of Andréanne Pelletier to follow the loop! 

p.s. If you missed my blogpost from last week, you can find it here

50 nuances d'été - week 2

Birthday season has started in our family, and this week saw Miss C and I fly out to Edmonton to surprise my mom for her 75th. We had quite the whirlwind trip, arriving Wednesday night and leaving Sunday morning, but we managed to pack in plenty of visits and a lot of love in those few short days. Back in Montreal, I attended an iPhoneography workshop, where I finally learned how to properly edit my mobile phone images. There will definitely be more (and hopefully more impressive) mobile phone photography in my life from here on out! Finally, to round out our week, we celebrated the birthday of an amazing kid who is now suddenly 13 years old and looking very grown up!


I invite you to follow the 50 nuances d'été blog circle to discover the work of a talented group of photographers from la belle province. Next up is my friend Annick Paradis from Quebec City! 

*If you missed last week's blogpost, you can find it here

50 nuances d'été - week 1

I love personal projects. For most of the time I have called myself a photographer, I've been involved in one personal project or another. Although they can be long and arduous, personal projects push and pull me in ways that are very good from a creativity standpoint. Almost all of my favourite images were made within the context of a personal project, and I attribute so much of my progress as a photographer to them - in short, they have been good to me! At the beginning of 2017, I sadly fell off the personal project wagon. I started a P52, then dropped out after a couple of weeks. I shot a bit in the months that followed, but I was aimless in my approach. I guess you could say I lost my "phojo". When I heard that my good friend and fellow photographer, Geneviève, was starting a new summer photography project called 50 nuances d'été, I knew this was the perfect time to jump right in.

50 nuances d'été is a photography project that calls for 4 images per week for the duration of the summer months. There are no constraints and no theme (unless "summer" can count as a theme). My goal is to document parts of my family's summer and hopefully, to collect a few new favourite images along the way (I may already have one in this current batch!). Each week, at the end of my post, I will provide a link to another photographer's blog, and you can follow the circle for more photographic inspiration.

For my family, week 1 was all about settling into our summer condo at Bromont and introducing our 6-month-old puppy Ruby to the area. Temperatures were unseasonably cool, but that didn't stop us from getting out and enjoying the beautiful nature on the mountain. 


Please continue following this project by visiting the blog of the extremely talented Annick Paradis of Quebec City next! Link is here. Bonne semaine! 

Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Puppy Treats for Miss Ruby

Our new puppy, Ruby, won over my friend Julie's heart when she came over to see her. Julie loved Ruby, and Ruby loved Julie... one thing led to another, and Julie decided to make our sweet Miss Ruby some homemade puppy treats. Ruby LOVED her puppy treats and finished them off quickly, but not before I managed to grab some photos of these cute and delicious (so Ruby says) puppy treats. Please see Julie's wonderful food blog, Blogieat, for the full recipe. 


Food Photography - Why Not!

My interests are wide ranging and kind of eclectic, so it's only natural that the genres I love to photograph are varied as well. Food photography is something that has appealed to me on many levels for a long time, and when the opportunity to participate in a workshop right here in Montreal arose, I jumped at the chance. The workshop was given by The Illuminated Table, and it took place in a gorgeous natural light studio in Montreal's Mile End. I was lucky to have my good friend Sue, who came in from Ottawa, as my foodie photo partner for the 2-day workshop. 

Here are a few snapshots from the workshop, along with the final food shots that I helped style and photograph. *Disclaimer: the taco photo is my image, but not my styling! 

Thank you to Ariel Tarr and Valeria Bismar, for putting together this fantastic workshop!





What's the Use of Having a Professional Headshot?

Well, your headshot can be used for any kind of professional or personal promotion, ie. your company's website, your LinkedIn profile, any social media account, or in this case, to promote your NEW BOOK! Congratulations to my talented client who has co-authored the book TOUT savoir pour composer avec les turbulences à l'adolescence, on her impressive achievement.


A Fresh Start

I'm extremely happy to be back with a new website, lots of new content, and a new direction in my photography style. Take a look around the new site and see what I mean! 

If you knew my previous website and client work, you will notice there is a clear shift away from family photography towards more personal work with a few corporate headshots thrown in. I'm excited to move forward in this direction and to focus my client work on helping entrepreneurs and small-business owners market themselves effectively. I will continue to offer my signature clean + modern corporate headshots, with the choice of in-studio or on-location photo sessions. I now also offer commercial and editorial photography, which is a service geared towards entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking for compelling visual content to help grow their brands.  If you are a small business owner, I would love to meet with you to discuss how I can help you reach your marketing potential. 

And just to prove that I haven't been idle while I've been off the blogging grid, here's a glimpse of some of what I've been up to in the past year. Condensed version. :)



Spring is here! Montreal Headshot Photographer

S P R I N G  is here and it's a great time to update your business portrait! I am currently taking new headshot clients, with sessions taking place either in my home studio or at your office. This is a painless and fun 30-minute photo session, guaranteed to give you photos of yourself that you will love. Please contact me for more information!

Montreal Headshot Photographer

New Business Cards for Headshot Clients! Montreal Headshot Photographer

Call me crazy, but my favorite part of receiving something is quite often the thanking I get to do after. There's nothing better than composing a little handwritten note on beautiful stationary and sending it off all pretty and neat to an unsuspecting recipient. I always imagine the moment of delight my note might bring to someone's day and that in itself is reason enough for me to pop a card in the mail. I've been sending thank you cards since I was a little girl and trust me, I'm not stopping anytime soon. Recently, I came across some thank you notes from my grandmother who had sent them to me when she was in her 90s! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I make it to that ripe old age, and I sure hope I'm still churning out thank you notes between my aquasize classes and hairdresser appointments!

Montreal Headshot Photographer Anda Panciuk
Montreal Headshot Photographer Anda Panciuk

So what was the occasion for this most recent gratitude mail-out? Well, check these out:

These are my swanky new business cards, specifically intended for the corporate headshot market and I love them! Headshot photography is an aspect of my business model which is growing and I wanted a tangible way to reach this important market. Everyone needs a headshot, and if you don't believe that statement, then you need to read this post on the importance of having a great headshot ASAP!

Of course, the first thing I thought of when I got these beautiful cards was I HAVE TO THANK MY CLIENTS WHO ARE ON MY NEW BUSINESS CARDS!

Honestly, it was just what I needed to pull out the stationary and pop a little love into the mail...

Nuns' Island Family Portrait Session | Montreal Family Photographer

The goal was to update the gallery wall of family photos. The children had grown so much and were almost unrecognizable since the last time family portraits were taken. The parents, on the other hand, hadn't changed very much at all, but like fine wine, had only improved over the years. There were so many reasons to have new photos taken, but perhaps the most important one was that life with children goes by far too quickly, and that time + moments have a way of slipping away from us if we're not careful. Walking through this family's home, I noticed that the walls + shelves were adorned with photo after beautiful photo of the couple, their girls, and their family. I immediately had a sense that my work that day was very important, and that the memories we were about to create together would be with this family forever. With them forever... Wow, just the thought of it gives me goosebumps.

Montreal Family Photographer andapanciuk.com
Montreal Family Photographer andapanciuk.com
Montreal Family Photographer andapanciuk.com
Montreal Photographer andapanciuk.com
Montreal Family Photographer andapanciuk.com
Montreal Family Photographer andapanciuk.com
Montreal Family Photographer andapanciuk.com
Montreal Family Photographer andapanciuk.com

Part way through the session, a discussion ensued about how life has changed for us as parents since we've had children. We reminisced about how often we used to go out and how much time (+ money!) we spent in restaurants. At one point, someone lamented, "it was amazing -- we used to be SO COOL!!!". I don't know, but these two still both look pretty cool to me. Vous n'êtes pas d'accord avec moi?

Well, my conclusion after a session with a family like this, is that they're all pretty cool. As usual, it was a complete honour to be invited into my clients' lives to capture their memories for them. I truly hope these portraits will find their place among the other beautiful photos in this family's home, and that they'll be treasured... pour toujours!